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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  September 6, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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this man who calls himself skyscraper man started climbing the 60 story millenium tower. he started after 2:00. he is not wearing a safety harness, he just had several sophisticated suckings cups with harnesses attached where he would put his feet and hands into. he is dan goodwin who according to news consumer reports scaled the sears tower in chicago and other assorted skyscrapers in the past. in fact on his web site he claims to have climbed to the top of the world trade center decades ago. before he started climbing he left behind a news release saying he was climbing the tower for two reasons, first to call attention the vulnerability of skyscrapers to terrorist attack. keep in mind september 11th is a few days away. he describes himself as a cancer survivor. police shadowed him all along the way to make sure he was okay. >> the millenium security ordered him to get down, he
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left his intent no he was not coming down, his intent was to go the whole set of floors. >> reporter: as first were talking to him, tell bus that conversation. >> we wanted to know if he was safe, we wanted to know if he had a set plan to harness him off, he declined all efforts, so it was in his hands, unfortunately, and we just shadowed him the entire way up. >> reporter: so skyscraper man, dan goodwin, managed to get to the top where he unfurled an american flag. police promptly arrested him. he is now at southern station, the hall of justice, where he'll be charged with misdemeanor trespassing and receive a citation. he'll be out pretty soon, perhaps within the next couple of hours. >> sounds like you won't have trouble talking to him, he'll be available. joe, i'm just wondering about the resources involved here from san francisco's point of view, fire, police, they threw a lot of resources at this thing when something else you know, could have happened at
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that time? >> reporter: absolutely the time of day, the middle of the afternoon, it is labor day, a holiday, sit as far asly populated downtown here but, yes, as you point out a lot of officers and firefighters. but, again, they -- in terms of their strategy, they were just going to let him climb and not get in his way. >> all right. well it did end safely at least. joe vasquez, thanks. we wanted to show you what happened to that flag he was carrying once the ordeal was all said and done. from chopper 5 you can see san francisco firefighters there giving it the proper ceremonial folding, not something that's taught everywhere these days. no word yet on where the flag heads from here though. all right. we're going to move on now to the latest on a bizarre east bay killing spree. search crews are back poking through a pittsburgh landfill looking for a man believed to be the fifth victim. ken makovec shows us it is a painstaking process. >> reporter: it is day four of the search through the keller canyon landfill here in pittsburgh. authorities are searching for any sign of the whereabouts of
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35-year-old frederick sales. they process they are using is first going through with an excavator to loosen up some of the compacted trash and then two dozen volunteers go through that trash by hand. here is a picture of the man they are looking for, frederick sales who father was found beaten to death. they believe it was volunteer demar oh who killed him. he has been charged with the killing of three other people including his ex-girlfriend and two women in their 60s, one of whom he lived with on and off. he was shot and killed by officers last week. they are searching this dump because a car val die more oh often drove was found near some dumpsters and their contents were dumped at this landfill. again, this was day four of the search, authorities believed they will have one or two more days worth of garbage to sift through. they have a total of the 3,000 tons to examine. in pittsburgh, an macoh vick,
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cbs5. a man found dead behind a new arc office building may have been shot at a party last night. police found the body of 26- year-old julian hughes this morning. last night police had been called to break up a crowd of about 400 people following a pool party at a nearby hotel. officers heard gunshots from the overflow parking lot but the not find any victims at the time. again, they have identified this person as julian hughes of brentwood antioch. labor day is the traditional kickoff for the fall election campaign. one politician who has been very quiet up to this point now getting more active and vocal in his campaign. jerry brown is fighting now for that governor's seat. ann? >> the barbecue is winding down, but today they got to see jerry on brown campaigning in the flesh. something none of us have seen since the june primary.
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after 40 years in politics he has earned state-wide and national name recognition and his campaign decided not to spend money during the summer months when voters are not yet giving their full attention to the fall election. but here he was firing up his supporters. i want to go back to sacramento to make california work again with you and for you. >> reporter: as summer winds down, jerry brown is surrounded by hundreds of members of organized labor who have always supported him and promise to be the powerhouse behind his gubinatorial campaign. >> so many people in our community here have been waiting to see our candidate speak, we know he has been holding on, but that's okay. >> reporter: the alameda county labor day barbecue is the kickoff for what the unions say will be a national mobilization effort for the november election. >> we're doing phone banking and precinct-walking. >> reporter: jerry brown will be on your tv soon.
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you'll see this ad tomorrow. >> we have to live within our means, and we need to put power closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. >> reporter: while meg whitman spent $20 million on tv ads, this is his first ad, quite frankly because he doesn't have the money she has. the former ebay chief may spend $150 of her own money on this campaign. compare that to jerry brown who, as at the end of june, had 23 million dollars in his campaign could havers. so for all of whitman's money and the exposure it buys, the race is still considered neck and neck. >> i think what has happened is after the 125 million of spending by ms. whitman, people have stopped listening, there is no other explanation for why the race is a dead heat. normally you would think she should be 15 or 20 points ahead, but it's tied, and that tells me that labor day was the time to start a. >> reporter: whitman's campaign has another take. >> there are a number of polls that show meg whitman up a
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little. but it is a close race. we expected this to be a close race all along. >> reporter: and while his campaign has been quiet, organized labor has not, spending $14 million to digits credit meg whitman. there were more californians out of office when he left office than when he took office so he is trying to show a small part of the proof, if you were one of the people unemployed at the end of his term, you would know how bad it was back then. >> reporter: if union members are concerned at all about how democrats are going to fare in november i will tell you this. one woman who very quietly, discreetly told me she is voting for fiorina over boxer. >> all right. ann, thanks. i'm len ramirez in cupertino. 15 to 30% off everything in the store at one grocery chain but some people didn't come here
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for it. >> a controversy at the end of hate. a bit later untangling the bell salary scandal. tonight we have a better idea of where those well-paid city leaders found so much money. ,, you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones.
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ask your doctor if including advair will help improve your lung function for better breathing. get your first full prescription free and save on refills. . a bay area supermarket chain is calling it quits. pw markets is closing the last of its doors after nearly 7 decades in the business. len ramirez shows us long time customers feel like they are losing parts of their family. len? >> reporter: exactly right. this particular store here in cupertino has been opened for over 30 years. but it only has about 50 minutes left before it closes its doors for good. the promise of deep discounts at joey franco's pw market's going out of business sale didn't matter to many long time
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customers like cindy ryan. >> you didn't come here to shop? >> no, not today. wanted to say good buy. >> reporter: these people mean that much to you? >> absolutely. i mean today, you know, people are everything. >> reporter: so it was on the final day for one of the bay area's last family-run supermarket chains. >> we have lived in our house for 35 years and shopped here 35 years. it's really sad. >> reporter: like at the passing of an old friend customer marty bon ham remembered the good old days. >> we would bring him in in his old costume and he would trick or treat down the aisle. it was fun, like visiting grandma's house on halloween. >> reporter: these days it's the economy that is scary. >> it's really sad you know, the way the economy is, we all have our hope. you have something like this that has been an institute forever and that sha'ath terse a lot of that hope. if something like this can close i mean let's think about what else is going on in the economy. >> reporter: pw markets, once 11 stores strong, was beaten on prices and marketing by the big
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box stores. it survived on customer service. >> customer service is very important and a lot of the big box stores you're just a face in the crowd. >> reporter: it was the way joey franco himself did business starting 70 years ago. the former fruit picker opened his first store in san jose and would extend credit to struggling families who paid him back when he could. but for the last few years it was the pw chain that struggled closing store after store with a shudder the struggling final four stores. >> it's pushing out the smaller supermarkets by making us go to safeway and whole foods and stuff like that. it has pushed out the competition, made the bigger chain more important than the small friendly people-focused kind of supermarkets. it's not helping me as a consumer. >> reporter: and it's not helping the workers either. dana, about 200 union members are losing their job because of the chain closing down, those
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are jobs that are difficult to replace, well-paying union benefit jobs and people can't go into another job like that, they are going to have to go into a lot of looking and be on unemployment for a while. >> a huge loss, a personal connection to a community. sad. >> reporter: exactly. this started in the south bay, been here a long time, if you look around this shopping center we're just a couple -- maybe a half a mile from apple computer and there are a bunch of store fronts that are empty, one right next to it. you look around things are getting pretty bad around here doctor yeah. well hopefully we'll be telling stories soon about the upswing, so -- >> reporter: let's hope so. >> all right len, thank you. small fries, mcchicken sandwich, all a buck each in mcdonalds, but not at one in san francisco. there the dollar menu is different. and while the price difference might seem like chump change, some customers aren't loving it. >> reporter: don't call this a
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2 bit controversy because it's farebeats 50 cents. this is san francisco's haight- ashbury district and in san francisco's haight-ashbury district when you deal with the homeless it is all magnified. there is a mcflurry of activity in san francisco's haight- ashbury which to some makes sense. 50 cents in fact. >> i don't want to pay it if i don't have to, i have use for that dollar. >> reporter: was it the hamburgler who stole the famous $1 menu from this mcdonalds store. you want a mcdouble, not double the price, but now $1.50. i don't eat that stuff anyway. it says on the wall in there if you go in you get cancer. >> reporter: we couldn't find such a sign and for that person to be sit rodriguez technician step of where he was, on the steps, he legally would have had to buy something. i was okay. >> all right. they took out the dollar menu on the same day they had the bathrooms like shut down. we're like why are they really trying to kick tout homeless, no dollar menu, no bathrooms,
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what are we gonna do. >> reporter: tension between the homeless and the mcdonalds here has been as thick as the triple thick shape. some think the it is to make it less attractive to those without an address. >> if i buy food, i'll go in and buy something and come in here and sit down and i they come out you have to leave, i sit here and i bought my food there, and they fit so mad. >> reporter: but some say that extra 50 cents is too much for them. in a statement to cbs5 franchise owner natalie gonzalez says "the speculation as to why i no longer offer anything for $1 in this location is absolutely false. this was a business decision based on factors." >> so this 50-cent rays, do you think sit aimed at the homeless. >> no, i think it is aimed at the fact they get the money, they can get the 50 cents extra, nobody complaints. >> reporter: you can still get a regular hamburger here for 99 cents, that's not filling enough, says some of the
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homeless. let's be clear, there is no public policy issue involved here, mcdonalds, if the owner here wants to raise prices, that's completely her business, and it's capitalism, you can go somewhere else. if you don't like it. and that's not why she is doing it she says but, again, here in the haight anything to have gone do with the homeless is completely magnified. we have sit/lion the ballot in november that would prohibit people from sitting or lying on the sidewalks here in haight, so while it's a bigger issue than you might think, it seems like a two bit controversy. >> i know because when i have kids, when they brought out the dollar menu, other fast food places did the same thing. are there options close by for people in the haight? >> reporter: well there are no other chains in the haight. i think mcdonalds was grandfatherered in i'm sure, but you know, they are very picky about the restaurants
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they allow in. yeah, you can go to, there is a luckies nearby, you can get a sandwich, plenty of places to eat around here that would be cheaper. >> more than a buck. all right. mike sugerman, thank you so much. it's worth a lot more but we're going to give you a penny for your thoughts. roberta? >> you're going to want a refund after this. we're going to cool down for your tuesday, 14 to 22 degrees. that's right. up to 20 degrees cooler tomorrow for your tuesday. san jose, today's high temperature 93 degrees, tomorrow 75 degrees. meanwhile, compare all that with this, our live cbs weather camera now takes us to the beach, and 2, the sounds of ocean beach. we do have the development of the low clouds and the fog just sitting off the monterey coast now beginning to lift up in a northerly direction. blame it on the return of the marine layer, that will be cooling us down. if you're out and about the coast is clear for tonight's sunset, 7:30. now for comparison, i want you
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to take a good look at your community, back to work, back to school. we're taking a look into the 50s, some localized drizzle. fog at the bay and sun/cloud mix in our inland areas. pinpoint forecast, spot on the past week or so, is so i got to be it when it says leading edge of this marine layer, lining the coast, moving in the bay gradually surging inland. we have that cooler air mass alost that's going to drop our temperature substantially. now temperature-wise, 51 degrees in santa rosa, 57 degrees in oakland and alameda and in el is a right oh. otherwise tomorrow's highs down from 84 in san francisco to 62 degrees. low 80s at best in fairfield, outside number will be 83 degrees in lake gilbert yes, sir a, there you have the temperature span 60 degrees along the coast. otherwise mid-60s bayside, 83 degrees down from 96 degrees in morganville. the coolest of all will be on
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wednesday 50s to low 70s, otherwise you have the forecast, a pretty seasonal weather pattern by this time next week. we're going to have to hold out until then. dana and allen, the pinpoint forecast. >> thanks so much roberta. on 24 labor day honoring the men and women whose work often puts them in harm's way, we're going to have that in 10 minutes, ,,,,,,,,,,
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with an average finance savings of around fifty seven hundred. the switch begins at men trying to scrap a boat caused an oil spill in the petaluma river. . north bay fire crews say two men trying to scrap a boat caused an oil spill in the petaluma river. they say these men brought an old vessel to the petaluma marina to cut it up. well, they say, when the men sliced the boat open about 100 floods of oil spilled out. the men did not have a permit to do that work. >> there was still what appears to be bunker oil inside the boat, they cut through the hull, let the bunker oil out in the water and that's where we're getting our release from.
6:22 pm
it's unbelievable. >> fire crews say they have contained most of the oil. the two men who scrapped the boat now have to hire a private company at their own expense to clean it all up. they could also face criminal charges. well no brakes from politics on this labor day and, today, the president came out swinging. his counterattacken the republicans and his latest plan to create jobs and stimulate the economy. those sky high salaries in the town of bell, we now nowhere some of that money was coming from. plus, they have something very common in developing economies is helping small business owners right here in the bay area.
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the man accused of shooting a fremont police officer is due in court tomorrow. andrew barrientos was then from san diego county where he was arrested nine days ago. officer todd young was shot twice after he tried to arrest barrientos on a domestic violence warrant in oakland. young is in stable but serious condition. investigators say barrientos has confessed to that shooting.
6:26 pm
the bravery of a martineau police officer was remembered today two years to the day after he was killed. lately it seems a lot of police officers have lost their life on the job. john ford asks is it more dangerous to be a cop these days? >> reporter: a gathering at the martinez city hall to remember police officer paul star swing who was gunned down in the line of duty two years ago today. police chief tom symptom netty struggled to keep his composure. >> paul star swing is not a faceless name to me. he was my trainee, my beat partner, my teammate, and most of all my friend. i share the grief of paul's family, his friends and co- workers. >> reporter: officer star vickie sponsoredded to this apartment billing, a domestic pursuit call. a gun battle ensued and while
6:27 pm
fatally wounded he managed to kill his assailant, moments before he died. >> police work even done in at its zoo knit is a dangerous occupation. >> reporter: he is certainly not alone. four oakland officers were killed in one day. last week, fremont officer young was seriously wounded. is police work more dangerous than it was. or has it changed the public's perception of that risk? i think the explanation for why people with say there is is the ability to see video, to see tv, even camera phone footage of the incidents now on the internet. which is more visual, more poignant, it last longer in people's impression. >> reporter: chief acceptable netty from martinez grease. >> police work over the last
6:28 pm
few years, i think officers have become better trained and better equipped to deal with a lot of the problems that we see out here, but it's still very dangerous. >> reporter: today's memorial for officer paul starzik reminds us of just how much officers put it on the line every day. >> please join me now in a moment of silence. >> in martinez, don ford, cbs5. joel brown reports, he unv president obama observed a long-time labor day tradition and hit the campaign trail today. as joe brown reports he unveiled new programs that he hopes will boost the economy and the election chances for democrats. >> reporter: president obama was energized and combative as he introduced a new plan to revive the economy. >> president obama: i'm going to keep fighting every single day, every single hour, every single minute, to turn this economy around and put people back to work. >> reporter: at a labor day union rally in milwaukee the
6:29 pm
president unveiled a $50 billion proposal to rebuild 150,000 miles of roads, construct an maintain 4,000 miles of railways, and reconstruct 150 miles of airport runways. >> president obama: i want america to have the best infrastructure in the world. >> reporter: labor day traditionally kicks off the fall election campaign and this year the president has his work cut out for him to help his party. he is proposing a series of investments to jump start the struggling economy and may help democrats in danger of losing their seats in congress. the president acknowledged there is no silver bullet to fix the economy. he blames republicans for steering the country into a recession. pro pro pro i don't want to give them the keys back. they don't know how to drive. >> reporter: some say the proposals are too little too late. >> these last minute maneuvers are going to be accepted by americans as tactics and they are really not going to be able
6:30 pm
to make a difference in peoples' lives. >> reporter: the president will take his economic road show to cleveland where he'll pitch a plan to give tax credits to small businesses. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. well small businesses are turning to a new source of money to stay afoot these days. when banks won't lend, microlenders are stepping up with the cash. >> reporter: jeremy sauce business is smoking thanks to a good recipe. >> the secret to a good barbecue is time and beer. >> hard work and a type of loan more common in the developing countries than the u.s. he gt a $10,000 microloan, it helped the former paramedic grow emergency barbecue from a mobile stand to a store that sits alongside highway 101 in san carlos. >> i really needed that money and it was one of those types of positions where either you get it and you succeed or, if you don't, there is the potential it can bring the entire business down.
6:31 pm
>> sours also hired 5 more employees to serve up all that beef, chicken and pork. >> ohrt of the jewels or diamonds in the rough that the mainstream system isn't investing in. >> eric weaver is the boss at a local microfund who loans. >> it's designed to help people who don't have more conventional credit namely bank loans. we have been doing some green loans. >> microloans tiply range from 500 to $100,000, interest rates are about what banks charge for business loans. 8%. >> applying for a lone with us is easy and friendly and if there are people out there that have been thinking "oh, i'd never be able to get a business loan, banks don't want to talk to me" they should come check us out. >> loan applications are simple. an approval usually takes less than a week. the opportunity fund says the repayment rate is close to 90%, more than double that for traditional small business
6:32 pm
loans. it's a recipe for success for jeremy sours who hopes to open a bigger restaurant with a brew pub and, of course, that famous barbecue. >> everything here is really good. >> for more information on microloans you can go to our web site,, and if you have a consumer problem call our hot line 888-5 helps you. another twist today in the salary scandal in the city of bell. it turns out some of the money from those salaries came from aggressive vehicle towing. kirk hawkins on the toll it took on one bell resident. >> reporter: roger ramirez knows the impact of the bell salary scandal all too well. two years ago he woke up, looked outside his home and found his car was gone. police impounded it because the tags had x period 1 month earlier. $800 later he got his car back. >> took money out of my wallet. it was something i wasn't expecting and i was very angry
6:33 pm
about it. >> reporter: it ended up in bell toe service incorporated lot. they tacked on thousands of impounds helping bell officials iraqui in more than $770,000 last year. that's more than 12 times as much as simi val, a city which is three times the size of bell. >> now i feel they should pay it back to the community in some form, pay back, and like myself, be reimbursed for it. >> this entire impound program was ramping up as the salaries for top administrators and city council members were on the 'rise. chief former administrative officer robert rizzo was making $800,000 a year. his assistant 376,000. and police chief randy adams more than $457,000 before they resigned in july. a move that roger ramirez says is a first step. >> it is getting back on track and it's going to a take a long time for it to recover, going to take a long time to -- for the city of bell to be restored, so --
6:34 pm
>> kirk hawkins in southern california. sea lion attacks very rare, especially under these circumstances. what may have prompted the animal to attack a zoo person. 6 years almost to the day it disappeared, it's back, the bizarre drama unfolding at a bay area theater. dane, a nothing compared the bizarre drama unfolding in 49er land. i'm dennis o'donnell. with 6 days before the season they cut one of their quarterbacks and now there is a new one coming in. that story in 15 minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tonight. . antique brass bell that disappeared from a foster city theater is back where it belongs tonight. for more than 50 years the hill barn theater used the former church bell to call audiences back to their seats after intermission. it vanished in 2004 but, last week, a man saw it in hasan leandro scrap metal shop. after searching the internet he
6:37 pm
found the lost bell poster and called the theater. the bell was back in place friday. just in time to kick off phil barnes 70th season. well school bells are ringing all over the bay area this week. next week stanford university begins classes. and one of the new freshmen is a student rising above. with a story to tell. juanita queued a has more. >> reporter: eh dana. cement lamb's parents escaped the killing fields of cambodia and came here as political refugees. so he understands how lucky he is to be here with his family and even luckier to get an education. the shaky home video shows a little boy on a trip to cambodia. sue matt lamb's parents saved every penny to show their children the country they left behind. but these were the images that stuck in that little boy's mind. >> i was just shocked, i was --
6:38 pm
i had no words to describe, clothes, torn shoes, rags, everything. >> reporter: it could have been him. he began to understand the history in his bones and how far his parents' journeyed to give their children a new life. >> i wanted to show my parents gratitude for what they were able to do for me and i see that ultimate way of showing gratitude is to excel in education. >> reporter: which he does. taking college-level classes sumat lamb graduated pittsburgh high this year with a 4.56gpa, better than perfect. >> sometimes i have to remind myself that he is a student because i think of him as another teacher. >> reporter: teacher andy kaiser recruited sumat for his student it team, maintaining the school computers. >> got to log off, get back on the pyro tech. >> reporter: whenever there is a very difficult problem, maybe
6:39 pm
one that i don't know how to solve, i'll put him on the case, he'll research it, go online and figure out what the issue is and teach me a thing or two. >> what did you get on that last pack. >> reporter: it was his willingness to help others that maid sumat different and adept. >> he does have that sense that he has gone through a lot of struggles and that has made him, that has formed the person he is. >> reporter: that struggle started even before he was born. his parents met whiles escaping the killing fields of cambodia. more than 1 1/2 million people killed. >> just the emotion that they feel, you know, that they are trying to hide, so strong, that i feel it. >> reporter: his parents never talk about it but they lost a father, an uncle, an aunt, brother, cousin, brother-in- law, a sister-in-law. >> you want to be able to, you know, ease their pain as you
6:40 pm
grow up, and i don't know, i've at a loss of how to do that for them. >> reporter: in the united states they have scraped by month to month. [ speaking foreign language ] >> after his dad injured his spine and couldn't work sumat worried would they be able to pay the rent, would he be able to go to college. >> you grow up with nothing but i have the opportunity to get past that and get something out of life. >> he really has that attitude where he wants to make a difference and, years from now, i want to follow and see what he is doing. >> this fall sumat lamb begins college at stanford university. if you. >> if you want to help students like sumat go to college consider a donation to the students rise being above college fund you can find a link. >> boy, he has already got a lot out of life and gives a lot
6:41 pm
too, clearly. >> yeah, he feels all that. >> hmm. i will look forward to how he is doing at stanford. >> oh my gosh. isn't that going to be something? >> exciting. >> we'll follow him. >> all right, good. all right wendy, thank you. something happened today in santa rosa, livermore, san jose, and san francisco, that more than likely will not happen again this year. your pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs5. big fish too... you know why? 'cause i'm a papa bear. you -- look at you, mr. high-tech hollywood, with all your high-tech gizmos. it's how i roll. you roll like a dinosaur with that tiny interest rate. try new school banking at your savings will be earning three times the national average. hmm. you gotta stop earning zippo, t-rex! get a higher rate, pterodactyl.
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a lot of things going on in my life and the last thing i want to be thinking about is my dentures. [ charlie ] try super poligrip free. but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled,
6:44 pm
making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now. mauled by a sea lion at a sydney zoo. charlie d'agata on why . an 11-year-old australian boy kept his cool after he was mauled by a sea lion at a sydnie zoo. gata on why the animal may have attacked. >> reporter: it was just another day at the office for alexei the sea lion performing at a zoo until the happy flipper flipped out. alex see shook fins with fan jack lister. seconds after this photo was snapped so did alexei. >> reporter: the fin basically
6:45 pm
went, padded. >> reporter: she mauled the 11- year-old's stomach and back, there was screams from the crowd. one woman fainted but jack kept cool. >> reporter: it wasn't a big deal because i couldn't feel it so my sister was crying but i know why. >> reporter: jack thinks he knows the reason alexei tried to make a meal of him. >> reporter: the seal had fish guts all over me and i think it smelt the fish and it wanted to eat me. >> reporter: zoo keepers rushed to rescue jack. they still don't know what got into alexei. >> she has been in our care for eight years, an orphan stranded seal from south australia. we have hand raised her. this is completely out of character. >> reporter: she is still doing her thing at the zoo but no more getting up close and personal with fans until further notice. jack should make a full recovery and he has got some advice. >> don't get sneezed on by seals. >> reporter: not only do you get covered in fish guts, you
6:46 pm
just might be mistaken for lunch. gata, cbs 2 news. fish guts. >> he is taking his gut further. i guess so. i had a thing today, my son's labor day hockey tournament, speaking of fish our tank, trying to segue here. but it was so cold inside the ice rink, and i walked outside in san jose and it was 993 degrees. >> ooh. >> a little bit of a shock to the system. okay. we had something happen today that probably won't happen the rest of the year. temperatures into the mid-90s,. >> darn. >> it's going to cool down within a matter of hours. this is the scene mount back a, right now the air temperature 91 degrees, visibility is unlimited but look, starting to feel a little bit of a haze developing in ocean beach where, today, we had a high temperature near 80 degrees. yeah, at the beaches. if you were out and about this evening perhaps you still have
6:47 pm
some barbecue plans, looks like temperatures in the mid-80s to the low 90s in the inland areas, sunny and mild around the bay. upper 70s to the low 80s, coast side we have seen the temperature drop between 71 and 66, that's because we do have a strong robust on shore wind now out of the west up to 22 miles per hour. so for your morning commute we'll see the return of a deepening marine layer, low crowds and fog and even some drizzle along the immediate sea shore. this is a weak trough to the north of us. going to continue to sag down in a southerly direction. as it does so it's going to enhance a marine layer developing right off the monterey bay coast. here you have the pinpoint forecast, you see the leading edge of the low clouds and the fog. by tomorrow morning sun, if it looks like it is already penetrating the shore, continue to progress before it begins to back off towards the lunch hour bayside and partial coastal catalog. going to drop our temperatures tomorrow down from 95 in livermore to 78 degrees, san jose dropped 18 degrees, santa
6:48 pm
rosa down from 93 to 79, and san francisco had a high of 84 degrees. average high 71. we will be 22 degrees cooler on tuesday in the city of san francisco. now meanwhile, tonight, with it becoming partly cloudy and the overnight hours our temperatures ranging from 51 degrees to the north in catady and pink grove and santa rosa to the mid-50s in santa rosa which is also going to cool about 20 degrees tomorrow. high there today 92, forecasting 72 degrees, 62 bayside, working in the 70s and a few low 80s. lake barietta but notice only 71 on wednesday. that will be the coolest day of the workweek. and then temperatures pretty much holding steady each day after that. mypix brought to us by eric kozmalia. he watches us from minnesota. dennis, we've got viewers in minnesota. >> we do? they reed the blog? phil mickelson ha had a chance
6:49 pm
to take tiger's rein at the top of the golf world. i'm dennis o'donnell. and the 49ers have a new quarterback. we'll tell you who is out, who is in, next. ,,,, you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones.
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where mike singletary, who, just
6:52 pm
a few days ago, said t . we've got a shake up at niner headquarters where mike singletary who just a few days ago said the greg's of quarterback nate davis was taking too long. >> i don't know how long it's gonna take. i don't have -- i don't know how much time we have. >> well evidently not much time at all. the 'niners today released their second year third-string quarterback. late this afternoon davis had the arm and the mobility but lacked something else in the coach's eyes, preparation. >> there is a work ethic that's involved in terms of being a quarterback in the nfl. a big work ethic. you got to get it. simple as that. so i'm pulling for him, i'm hoping, but, so far, it's inconsistent. you got to know where the first down marker is, you don't just fall. i mean -- so don't get me started. >> started. >> now shortly after confirming davis was cut they announced the signing of former ohio
6:53 pm
state quarterback troy smith a fifth round pick by baltimore in 2007. the former heisman trophy winner was cut over the weekend. it's labor day so it makes sense the giants went x extra innings in arizona today with a chance to tie for first place in the west against the fading padres. a scary moment in the fourth, buster posey losses the handle of his bat, flies in the stands and hits a 13-year-old boy. he was put in a neck brace and carried off in a stretcher but he gave the thumbs up sign. madison baumgartner was on fire. he shutout baseball 7 1/3 innings, allowed just 5 hits. it was a scoreless game. in the ninth inning, buster posey, two men on sends a flare to right field. the giants take a lead but a diving catch keeps the game scoreless. unbelievable play. so we end up going to the 11th inning, still no runs, two on, two out to the forgotten man,
6:54 pm
nate schierholtz line drive in the gap. he scores, buster posey scores, the giants win again, 2-0, and that's gonna put the pressure on the padres. here is how it all changed when the giants woke up on august 26th help were 6 1/2 games back. right now thanks to 10 straight padre losses the giants are just a half game back and can pull even with the san diego loss tonight to the dodgers. and in a surprise move the a's demoted vin mazzaro to the river cats, he was 0-6 with a 5.60 earned run average in his last 6 starts. he gave up one run but today's game at the coliseum it was a coco crisp show. first inning cocoa hits a lead- off home run for the third time in his career. then in the fourth coco hits a single to the infield. 4-0. of course coco flashes the lee therapy, comes racing into rob jose lopes, they beat
6:55 pm
the mariners 6-2, they are one game below .500. but the padres aren't the only western division leaders mired in a losing streak. the rangessers have lost four straight. so the a's are within seven games of the lead. you know, stranger things have happened and i still think billy beane should have gone out and signed a slugger when he could have. four games remain to go head to head with the rangers. tough first week for the home crowd at the u.s. open. only 2 american men remain heading into the fourth round. not sure if you want your wedding to be held in flushing, almost honey moon over for the americans. jokeovich, takes it in straight sets, 3, 4, 1. the women's top seed, carol an wozniacki methodically handles sharapova in straight sets. she has committed just 40 unearned errors in four
6:56 pm
matches. sharapova hasn't reached the final since winning four years ago tiger swinging a round in the deutsch bank championship. three straight rounds in the 60s, for the third time this year, he finished 11th and kept his number 1 ranking when phil mickelson imploded with a 76 today. charlie hoffman ended the day with four shots off the lead. ended up winning it by five strokes, 36 of the final 9 holes. only the second career win on the tour for the san diego native. while you're losing your yamamoto bay at the lake this weekend here is what you missed. >> mccarron with plenty of time and looking for jones, a grabbing dive for the touchdown. jones reels in the catch. >> that could have beaten san jose state with one hand tied behind their back. college football's number 1 team destroys the spartan 47-3. jacksonville state, ole miss, cody blanchard the cannon cooper in the back of the end zone. the gamecocks go on to win.
6:57 pm
calvin middleton for the score. jacksonville state lower division comes back from 21 down to stun the rebels. best finish, east carolina, down 4 with 5 seconds left against tulsa, he is 6 feet 78", justin jones needed every inch of that, game-winning touchdown. you can't defend that can you. justin jones. back the deutsch bank championship. andres row manager a at the eighth, he does have a memory from this tournament, a hole in one. his pump not cool when golfers are doing it. happen. stand cleary is the only american left at the u.s. open. he may need a little more magic to become the first yankee to win it in new york. that was pretty. nate ma clout hits it, leaps at the wall, robs him of a grand slam. two runs score on the sacrifice fly. >> would what a weekend. >> all right. we'll be back at 10:00 and 1 10:00. >> we'll have your face by
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then. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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